Impresario is a new brand of wines created in the Republic of Moldova. Being born in 2019, the brand Impresario unites original wines from different parts of the country, unique assemblages of the highest quality.

What is the innovation of the Impresario project? First of all, in its openness, thanks to which the company is following the strategy of the constant search for new varieties, terroirs, talents, approaches – all that factors build the original mission of the Impresario brand.


Our goal is to discover new names, find new and little known but potential terroirs, and create wine blends that will surprise our customers. Just as an impresario in art finds and nurtures talents that will turn into “stars” in the future, Impresario finds little-known, but promising wines and creates original blends based on them, with unique taste and wine character.


Our own assemblages from high-quality Moldovan wines are what make Impresario different from other wine brands. We love and know how to experiment, find new original combinations, wake up such emotions and feelings that can be given to the consumer only by the highest quality and most spiritual wines. Our assemblages successfully combine wines made from classic grape varieties with wines from autochthonous Moldovan varieties such as Feteasca Neagră, Feteasca regală, Rara Neagră.

Professional Connosieur

While creating Impresario wines, we focus on the tastes of the most demanding wine admirers, strive to surprise even those who have tasted first-class wines from all over the world. Our assemblages are the result of inexhaustible inspiration and hard work of dozens of winemakers from all over Moldova, genuine creativity of people in love with their craft. We approach the creation of assemblages with the pickiness of the best sommeliers – but we do so at the stage of wine creation, which in many ways determines its unique character.